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Sunset Pregnancy Photos in Miami Beach

Sunset-kissed, pink sky, the sound of the waves and the joy of a new life growing within you. Think about it, wouldn’t you want to remember it with a magical photoshoot? In this blog post, we will talk about the art of maternity photography, and why you should absolutely document this chapter in your life. […]

At home maternity photos in Coral Gables

I absolutely love at home maternity photos. They’re such a beautiful way to remember your everyday life before the arrival of your little human. You’ll remember where you lived at this time. The feelings of you being pregnant. The baby kicks. That special season of life, waiting patiently for the biggest blessing. That’s what my […]

Maternity photos in Miami FL

What is more beautiful than carrying a life inside of you? After all, you are creating a human being in your body. I find it so beautiful to take the time to connect deeply with your baby and your body during your intimate maternity session. This kind of session is perfect to slow down and […]

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