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My name is Camille but my friends and family write it and pronounce it 'Kamy"! I was born and raised in a little town in the countryside near Paris, and I spent the 23 first years of my life eating baguette, cheese and all the French pastries (probably the reason why I love to cook and bake so much!). I moved to my second home in Miami, FL, 5 years ago to be with my soulmate.

My biggest dream was to be a mom one day, and when my son, Liam, was born in 2019, I had this strong desire to preserve every little details of him, other than with my phone. In other words, he's the reason why I started this photography journey. The ringlet curls, the chubby cheeks and chunky toes, the thigh rolls, that soft skin...  I wanted to remember it all forever!
The days are long but years are short, they say... I want to slow down time a little by capturing all my favorite details and ordinary moments and turn them into a still image that I would cherish for years to come.

I love to connect with families, to enter your world for a bit, create your story and give you the most precious gift of life: your memories, frozen in time! 

Hi! I'm kamy

Wife, mom, photographer, and friend

My favorite things


 i am


Trilingual! I speak French (my native language), English and Spanish! I am more comfortable in English and French but I can totally understand and speak Spanish if necessary. I understand a lot of Italian too! It's in my plans to learn more :)


guilty pleasure


CHOCOLATE! Fun fact: I didn't like chocolate before I got pregnant. I craved chocolate during my pregnancy and now, I can't live without it!


i love


to bake! I bake every. single. day! I'm a sweet lover! And making yummy desserts for my family makes me so happy!
Other than that, I love peonies, sunsets, a good charcuterie + cheese board, a glass of rosé and quality time with my family.


happy place


Home, the beach, and nature. Particularly France, it's my whole childhood and my comfort place. I love blooming trees and flowers, the mountains and everything Mother Nature has to offer.


favorite food


Are you going to be surprised if I say French food? haha
I love cheese, charcuterie, baguette at every meal, all the French pastries, and yes, I eat escargots for Christmas.


can't live without


Music! I listen to music all day! It inspires me, makes me feel good and puts me in a good mood, and it motivates me for whatever task I need to do.

My images are a way for me to express how I view my world. My goal is for you to remember the feelings years later when looking at your images. Having the opportunity to relive all the joy and love you felt at this time is priceless. 

Together, we will have the best time! Think of your time with me as a break as you enjoy making new memories with your family. Have fun. love, laugh, play, snuggle, don't be scared to get wet (during beach sessions), and I'll do the rest! I love emotion and movement as they add life to the picture.

I'm inspired by European style, pastels, and beautiful soft light and for that reason, my sessions are done either at sunrise, or at sunset (except for in-home sessions).

I believe that your memories deserve to be documented

Kamy's philosophy

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