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I'm Camille but my friends and family write it and pronounce it 'Kamy"! 

In 2017, I left my beloved France to follow my heart, which led me to the United States, where I found the love of my life. We embarked on this beautiful journey together and, in 2019, welcomed our precious son into the world. That moment marked the beginning of a profound transformation for me.

The whirlwind of motherhood enveloped me with its incredible moments, emotions, and love. It was during this transformative time that I discovered my true calling. The desire to document every fleeting detail of motherhood, to freeze those ephemeral moments in time, became my driving force.

In 2020, I decided to turn my passion into a business, creating Kamy Photographie. It's not just a business; it's an extension of my heart and soul. Every photograph I take carries with it the same love and sentimentality that I feel as a mother.

I strive to serve the sentimental mom, just like me, who understands the value of capturing those moments that pass by all too quickly. It's the mom who cherishes the laughter, the tears, the cuddles, and the milestones—the mom who knows that these moments are treasures that deserve to be preserved for generations to come.





A little about me

At the core of my life and my heart are the two incredible souls who inspire me every day: my loving husband and our precious son. They are the reason behind my dedication to capturing the beauty of motherhood.

My husband is not only the love of my life but also my greatest supporter. His endless encouragement and belief in my dreams have been the wind beneath my wings as I embarked on this incredible journey of motherhood photography. Together, we've created a beautiful life filled with love, laughter, and cherished moments.

Our son is the sunshine that brightens our every day. Watching him grow, explore, and discover the world has been an awe-inspiring experience. Becoming a mother has deepened my appreciation for the magic of fleeting moments, which is why I'm so passionate about preserving them through my photography.

As a family, we cherish the simple joys of life – from our daily walks to the shared laughter at the dinner table. These are the moments that remind me of the power of connection, and it's this sense of togetherness and love that I strive to capture in every photograph I take.

My images are a way for me to express how I view my world. My goal is for you to remember the feelings years later when looking at your images. Having the opportunity to relive all the joy and love you felt at this time is priceless. 

I believe that the journey of motherhood is full of extraordinary moments, each one worthy of being remembered. As a sentimental mom and a passionate Miami family photographer, my philosophy is rooted in capturing the authenticity, love, and beauty that radiate from these moments. Every photograph I take is a testament to the profound joy and the enduring connection that motherhood brings.

I am dedicated to creating treasured keepsakes that will be cherished for generations, reminding families of the love that surrounds them at every stage of life. Through my lens, I aim to reveal the art in the everyday, to inspire gratitude, and to celebrate the unique journey of each family. Together, we will create a visual legacy that tells the heartfelt story of your family's love, laughter, and growth.

I believe that your memories deserve to be documented

My philosophy

My philosophy

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